Keeping it Rotoclear.

Original accessories and spare parts in Rotoclear quality

Our products are designed to be modular, so that all the central components can be replaced quickly and easily.

Simply select a product to obtain an overview of the appropriate spare parts and the corresponding accessories.

  • Rotoclear C2
  • Rotoclear S3
  • Rotoclear S & S2

Rotoclear C2

Original accessories and spare parts

Replacement rotor

Even if worst comes to worst, the Rotoclear C2 concept is well thought out: for example, if a tool breaks off and hits the camera, the C2 camera itself is protected by a safety glass directly in front of the lens.

Due to the sophisticated design, the rotor and machine window are very easy to replace. All you need to do is loosen just one screw.

Replacement rotor
Order number: 10086

  • Recommended for standard use

Rotoclear S3

Original accessories and spare parts

Manometer and straight-way valve

A manometer and control valve are available for precise adjustment of the sealing air.

This also allows for precise adjustment of the necessary pressure at the stator, which is the optimal requirement for an absolutely sealed system with low operating costs.

Order number: 78973

  • Measurement device for checking the pressure at the connection box

Straight-way valve
Order number: 89737

  • Adjustable valve for precise adjustment of the sealing air

Replacement rotor

The conditions inside the machine tool are often very harsh. Not even hardened safety glass can withstand constant exposure to flying swarf for long: the machine window can become cloudy over time. Tools that break off can also damage the S3 window.

Our patented system enables fast and easy replacement of the machine window: all you have to do is loosen a single screw, replace the spinning window and then tighten the screw again. And you’re done!

Replacement rotor
Order number: 76330

  • Recommended for standard use

Replacement rotor, coated
Order number: 81738

  • Recommended for machining aluminium

Replacement kits

We offer complete replacement kits with everything you need to make installation of the Rotoclear S3 as fast and easy as possible, whether it’s the screw or bonding version.

Replacement kit for screw version
Order number:

Screw flange: 62886
Template for drilling: 101682

  • For installation of the base unit on a polycarbonate window (clamping range of 6 to 17 mm), including screw flange and position template

Replacement kit for bonding version
Order number:

adhesive flange with cover: 72416
2c-adhesive: 76331
Primer (only for PC): 84057
Template for bonding (only for PC): 76896
Dosing gun (for 2c-adhesive) (optional): 76332

  • For installation of the base unit on a laminated-glass or polycarbonate window, including bonding flange, two-component adhesive, primer and position template

Rotoclear S and S2

Original accessories and spare parts

Drive units

The Rotoclear S and Rotoclear S2 are the predecessor models to the Rotoclear S3 self-cleaning spinning window. Whilst these are no longer produced, the drive units (spinning window with motor) are still available as spare parts.

For Rotoclear S2
Order number: 53495

  • Suitable for all Rotoclear S2 units in the P10850 series

For Rotoclear S
Order number: 10850

  • Suitable for all Rotoclear S units in the P1620 series

Safety pane

If replacement of the machine window is all that’s necessary, the appropriate safety glass is also available for the S and S2. Here there are two versions which differ in terms of their coating – and thus their durability.

‘2 years’ version: Ø235 × 12 mm
Order number: 10859

  • Replacement every 2 years
  • Suitable for Rotoclear S type P1620 and S2 type P10850

‘5 years’ version: Ø235 × 12 mm,
coated on both sides
Order number: 18075

  • Replacement every 5 years
  • Suitable for Rotoclear S type P1620 and S2 type P10850