• Version 2.9.48
  • Version 2.8.9
  • Version 2.7.10
  • Version 2.7.0
  • Version 2.6.2
  • Version 2.1.0
  • Version 1.25i

Version 2.9.48

  • Refactoring of the Websocket server.
  • Change position of time and date stamp in settings to section “system”.
  • Added Danish language.
  • Other minor optimizations, bug fixes and translations updated.

Version 2.8.9

Media gallery:

  • Add calendar to filter files by date. Initial dates are set to range of existing files.
  • All filters are reset after exiting Media gallery
  • Add refresh button when connected to a network storage
  • Add pagination in web interface
  • Add play/pause/stop and progress bar
  • Add fullscreen button
  • Add download button for videos and images
  • Add share button for images in https context
  • Click on the time in the progress bar to switch between remaining time and current time


  • Add http API and updated the WebSocket API
  • Open internal API documentation in the Web Interface by clicking on “API” in section “Modules” in the menu
  • Full support for the old API guaranteed. Note: the port of the API is now the same as the webserver port.


  • Renamed the menu section "Pictures and videos" to "Media gallery"
  • Renamed the menu section "Settings" to "System"
  • Add support for https connection
  • Change design of IP connection setup and network- and USB storage setup
  • Create profiles to connect to multiple network storages simultaneously
  • Add time and date stamp to stream and recording in right bottom corner. Settings are in the section "recording" in the menu.
  • Add notification with 60s timer when new software version was found on USB storage
  • Notifications can be minimized / closed now.
  • Add transparency to the HDMI interface for better visualization of buttons and logo
  • Add Czech and traditional Chinese
  • Other minor optimizations, bugfixes and updated translations

Version 2.7.10

  • Attention: The software is no longer downgradable under V2.7.10, due to a hardware change. This also affects older hardware versions which install this update. An older software can no longer be installed.
  • Add Korean language and updated translations
  • USB eject button removed
  • Configuration for demonstration with always visible logo
  • Patch for problems with touch functionality in older Firefox versions
  • Adaptation to necessary hardware changes due to availability of parts
  • Other minor optimizations and bugfixes

Version 2.7.0

  • Improvement of automatic naming of subdivided video, as well as of multiple photo recordings per second
  • Stabilization of recording
  • Confirmation of reboot, factory settings and firmware installation
  • Web interface: zoom can be operated with buttons optionally
  • Additional symbols in file names possible
  • Improved support of storage media and display devices
  • Improved handling of input devices, video files and settings
  • Controlled stop of recording before memory overflow
  • Fix network saving bugs and handling of disconnections
  • Adaptation to Firefox update: moving the image section
  • Problems with gallery metadata display fixed
  • Other minor optimizations and bugfixes

Version 2.6.2

  • USB device detection optimized for speed and stability
  • Touch driver enhancement for improved support of some Samsung devices
  • Storage of zoom level and pan, brightness, white balance and saturation settings
  • Update to Samba Cifs 3.0
  • Restriction of video recording for 4K 10fps and higher, and FHD 60fps
  • Improved stability of the recording function
  • Automatic division of recordings into files of max. 1.9GB
  • Stream freezing has been fixed
  • Problems with setting the time have been fixed
  • Optimizations of the user interface as well as general stability improvements

Version 2.1.0

  • Image and video gallery: preview and handling of recordings
  • Network storage functionality: Include folder shares to store recordings in the network using Samba / Cifs 1.0
  • Position sensor for automatic alignment during movable installation
  • Support of external USB hard disks (Fat32, NTFS, exFAT)
  • NTP time synchronisation, time zone selection, server configuration
  • Pin protection for user interface and security relevant settings
  • Security: external streams can be disabled
  • Upgrade of the setup wizard: definition and use of PIN, configuration of time settings, short explanation of basic functions
  • Possibility for MAC address specific licensing of add-on modules
  • Add-on module public API: Programming interface for information retrieval and control of the camera system via WebSocket connection
  • Latency- or bandwidth-optimised transmission modes
  • Further bug fixes, optimisations and usability improvements

Version 1.25i

  • Hot-Plug function: Camera heads can be plugged and unplugged during operation.
  • Improved compatibility with IEC 60204-1:2019-06: Exposed plugs carry a maximum voltage of 15V and are therefore compliant with the standard in wet rooms.
  • Revision of the network settings: Improved usability and troubleshooting
  • Manual white balance and manual exposure control
  • Improved noise suppression
  • Extended compatibility with input devices such as mouse and touch monitors
  • Support for additional frame rates (60, 30, 15, 20, 5 and 1 fps)
  • Possibility to customise the file name
  • Online update and simplified update process
  • Support of additional languages (besides German and English now also French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese)
  • Adjustment of the factory settings
  • Further bug fixes, optimisations and usability improvements