The feedback?

Initial customer feedback: the Rotoclear C2 boasts outstanding function and potential.

With all the awards and the enthusiastic responses of trade fair visitors, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how our products perform in the user’s harsh conditions on a daily basis – and how they move the company forward. With that in mind, we’ve now asked our customers to provide us with honest feedback on the Rotoclear C2.

The result? Not a single criticism. But instead, lots of ideas which could lead to innovative functions for our camera system in the future.

DMG Mori sees ‘huge potential’

DMG MORI has installed the Rotoclear C2 in the new DMC 90 U machine. The company is ‘highly satisfied’ with the camera system, not least of all because it provides users with a whole new level of visual process monitoring.

DMG Mori also sees ‘huge potential’ in terms of the Rotoclear C2’s future functions: the camera system offers everything necessary for automated process analysis as well as intelligent monitoring functions, which can, for example, eliminate collisions entirely.

Development of independent analysis functions

Admittedly, this won’t be available for some time yet, but development of independent analysis functions for the camera has already begun. It will soon also be possible to control the Rotoclear C2 with external devices and use it as an API for remote analysis.

Would you like to find out more about the opportunities that the Rotoclear C2 will offer companies in the future? Or perhaps you have ideas of your own about the functions that could move your company forward. Feel free to send us an email. We always enjoy an inspired conversation.