Brand: new.

New brand identity + new corporate website: Rotoclear is expanding its communication.

In line with the motto, ‘Form follows function’, we spent months and years focusing first and foremost on developing and perfecting our products and their functions.

Once the C2 camera system was successfully operating around the world along with the S3 self-cleaning spinning window, we initiated the second step and worked with a strong network on our form and our external communication.

From brand definition to the finished website

In a multi-day workshop, we first defined our company brand and our product brands in collaboration with brand expert Sebastian Frank. On this basis, design studio Brückner + Brückner created the new visual brand identity, whilst digital agency cortona developed our new website.

New online configurator and download area

In the future, an online configurator here will help our customers precisely tailor their product to their requirements. Updates and software modules will also be available here in a separate download area. That’s something to look forward to!

We’re thrilled to have worked with a fantastic interdisciplinary team to lay the foundation for our future communication.