Basic insights in 4K.

Rotoclear C Basic:
Keep an eye on your machining processes.

The Rotoclear C Basic is a robust and simple camera system that allows you to observe your machining processes in real time and at high resolution on an HDMI monitor.

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Always a clear view

The high-speed spinning window in front of the camera lens always ensures a clear view of all machining processes, even in the presence of coolant and flying chips.

High-resolution images in real time

The camera head provides a resolution of up to 4K with 60 frames per second. The system automatically adjusts to the best possible monitor resolution and always delivers razor-sharp images.

Flexible installation options

Wherever you want to place your cameras: With numerous options for quick and easy installation in or in front of the wall or ceiling, we offer all the options for an individually optimized camera setup.

Extremely compact camera head

The camera head of the Rotoclear C Basic impresses with its small size. This not only allows the camera heads to be installed in many more places inside the machine, it’s compact design also results in significantly fewer chip nests.

High performance lighting

For perfect lighting conditions, we have installed premium Waldmann lighting in our camera heads specially developed for this application.

Alignment sensor for mobile installation

Currently, only the Rotoclear C2 and the Rotoclear C Basic offer you images directly from the perspective of the cutting tool. To enable this revolutionary perspective, we installed an alignment sensor. It detects the movement of the camera head and compensates for it.


Enlarge a section of a picture? It’s easy, by swiping directly on the screen. This allows users to intuitively and quickly observe and and analyse machining details intuitively and quickly.

All the benefits
at a glance

Brand new visual information

The revolutionary perspectives of the Rotoclear C Basic provide the user with completely new insights into the machining processes of his machine tool.

This optical information provides the basis for better understanding, controlling and optimizing processes.

Basis for continuous improvement process

Optimization needs knowledge: If you want to make your machining processes even more reliable and efficient, you first need to know the potential for optimization.

The essential basis for this? Detailed visual information on the machining process.

Remain future-proof

The future of process control lies in automated image analysis of manufacturing processes. The Rotoclear C2 with its intelligent control computer forms the optimal basis for this.

The Rotoclear C Basic, on the other hand, offers the possibility to easily switch to the full version of the Rotoclear C2 at any time. All that is required is to replace the HDMI box of the Rotoclear C Basic with the control computer of the Rotoclear C2.

Which equipment
do you need?

The Rotoclear C Basic is available in several equipment configurations. The configurations differ in the selection of the focus, the length of the data cables and in the mounting of the cameras in the interior of the machine tool.

  • Focus
  • Data cable
  • Mount type


We have encapsulated the camera head to provide the best-possible protection from the harsh conditions inside the machine. This requires a preset focus.

You can choose between camera heads with different focus ranges for a variety of applications:

  • F1: Focus in close range (tool-view)
  • F2: Focus in far range (top/side view)

Data cable

Our data cables ensure both fast and reliable data transmission. They’re suitable for use with drag chains and specially developed for harsh conditions inside the machine tool.

For your kit, you can choose between a 10 m (standard) and 20 m data cable.

Mount type

Regardless of what your machine looks like and where you would like to mount the cameras, Rotoclear offers you a whole host of mounting options.

Our flex arm mount is available for installation in sheet metal as well as for mounting on the wall or with magnetic attachment.

The ball mount surrounds the camera and can be installed directly in the machine wall. The benefit: interference contours are minimised, preventing to a large degree the accumulation of swarf.

Rotoclear C Basic vs. Rotoclear C2

How the functionality of the Rotoclear C Basic varies from the Rotoclear C2? Discover all the differences between the two systems.

Upgrade to Rotoclear C2

By replacing the HDMI box of the Rotoclear C Basic with the control unit of the Rotoclear C2, you can easily upgrade the C Basic system to the future-proof full version of the Rotoclear C2 at any time.


Configure your C Basic Kit now.

Regardless of what your machine looks like and which requirements you have of your camera system, we can provide the perfect C2 kit for any application.

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Are you looking for detailed information or tips about optimal operation and maximum service life?

Our product brochure and our operating manual offer valuable answers to questions about the Rotoclear C Basic.

But if you should have any other questions, you can, of course, contact us directly at any time.

Rotoclear C Basic Operating Manual
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Rotoclear C Basic Software
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