Replacing your
Visiport spinning window?

Easy replacement — with the Rotoclear S3

Visiport spinning windows for machine tools are now no longer available. However, this is not a problem for you. You can now easily replace your old Visiport with the premier technology in the area of self-cleaning windows — the Rotoclear S3.

With our Visiport replacement kit, you can now easily replace your old Visiport device with a Rotoclear S3 - without having to replace the machine window.

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Benefits of the Rotoclear S3

It is no surprise that the Rotoclear S3 is considered to be top of the class in the field of self-cleaning spinning windows. Here are just some of the advantages.

Maximised field of vision

Unique the world over: The revolutionary drive concept of the Rotoclear S3 allows us to completely dispense with a bar to hold the cable duct in place, resulting in a 360° view of the tool and workpiece.

Note: The old Visiport flange still has a guide for the bar. However, the next time you change your machine window, the Rotoclear S3 will provide a 360° view of the machining processes inside.

Minimalist design

Less is more: The Rotoclear S3 was designed to be discreet enough to blend perfectly into the front of any machine. Thus it enhances the overall look.

100% sealed

Optimised contours, a sophisticated labyrinth seal and efficient use of sealing air: We optimised our design until the S3 was perfectly sealed, even when only consuming minimal amounts of sealing air.

Designed for quick window replacement

It couldn't be easier: The Rotoclear S3 is cleverly designed for quick replacement of the window or rotor. Undo a single screw, replace the window, tighten the screw again. Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Tried-and-tested safety for milling machines and lathes

User safety must always come first, even when working in the toughest conditions. This is why we conducted ballistic tests to demonstrate the impact resistance of the Rotoclear S3 for use in machining centres and lathes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16090-1 and DIN EN ISO 23125.

Your Visiport replacement — ordered today, shipped tomorrow!

You won’t have to wait long to regain clear insight into your machining processes. Rotoclear can ship your Visiport replacement kit one day after the order is placed.

The Visiport replacement kit:
Everything you need for easy replacement

Our Visiport replacement kit is compatible with most common Visiport models. It contains everything you need to replace your old Visiport quickly and easily.

For the specific composition of your individual Visiport replacement kit, we need to know your specific setup. Please get in touch with us for this. Our support team can quickly tell you what you need - and then provide you with a quote straight away.

Replaced in a flash!

Whether for DMG Mori or WFL machines, with or without a mounting plate: You do not need to change your machine window to replace the viewing window.

Here we have summarized all that you need to know when mounting the Visiport replacement set for different setups.

  • for DMG MORI
  • for WFL
  • without a MOUNTING PLATE

For DMG Mori


  • Completely dismantle the flange. Then cover the six drill holes with adhesive dots on both sides.
  • Glue the Rotoclear S3 adhesive flange outside the drill holes on the inside of the machine pulley.
  • Fit the Rotoclear S3 to the adhesive flange.
  • Attach the thin stainless steel decorative panel from the outside.



  • Unscrew the old Visiport. The WFL-specific flange is installed in the space between the laminated glass panes and remains there.
  • Screw the Rotoclear S3 adapter flange to the flange installed in the cavity.
  • Fit the Rotoclear S3 to the adapter flange.

With Mounting Plate

With a mounting plate

  • If the Visiport viewing window is screwed onto a glued Visiport mounting plate: Remove the device from the mounting plate.
  • Fit the Rotoclear S3 adapter flange to the mounting plate.
  • Fit the Rotoclear S3 to the adapter flange

Without Mounting Plate

Without a mounting plate

  • If the Visiport viewing window is glued directly to the machine window without an additional mounting plate: Remove the device from the machine window without leaving any residue and without damaging the window.
  • The adhesive version of the Rotoclear S3 is mounted on the inside of the machine pane.

What our customers think…

After the Visiport window in our DMG machine broke, we needed a replacement quickly. Replacing the entire machine window was out of the question, of course!

Since Visiport no longer supplies spare parts, we came across the Visiport replacement kit from Rotoclear. The team gave us great support with the replacement - and now we have an even better view of the processes in our machine tool!

Stefan Marenbach, Team Leader Mechanical Production
ATM Qness GmbH

After a defect in the Visiport window on our WFL machine, we were faced with the problem that Visiport could no longer supply a replacement. It was a stroke of luck that we then came across Rotoclear.

With the Visiport replacement kit, the installation of the Rotoclear S3 was quick, easy and uncomplicated. In addition, the new viewing window is permanently 100% tight thanks to the use of sealing air.

Jakob Hahn, Produktions- und Prozesstechnik
Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Sealing air is optional.

We generally recommend using sealing air to guarantee that the Rotoclear S3 is completely sealed (Rotoclear seal guarantee). However, our top of its class product can also be used  without sealing air, depending on the application. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Get in touch with us: Together we can configure your specific Visiport replacement kit - and provide you with a quote immediately.


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